Naked Monday

Naked Monday | FREE weight loss & maintenance accountability group!

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Naked Monday is for members of our current training team and followers of LiveWELLMomz who are motivated by weekly weigh-ins and want some extra accountability to jump on the scale Monday mornings for weight loss or maintenance!

31506213_549230372143961_1710351093612937216_n.jpgDown 10 pounds!!

Please join with an accountability partner to help keep you honest!

Weekly weigh-ins can help to increase dietary control, feelings of confidence, improve body image, decrease susceptibility to hunger and improve weight maintenance.


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Down 14 pounds!!


Now down 13 pounds! 


Stay consistent and trust the process. The best project you’ll ever work on is you! 

Please note: Weekly weigh-ins are not for everyone. If you’re someone who feels discouraged by small weight fluctuations and correlates weight with self-worth, I don’t encourage this sort of support system.


Coaching by Alysha Flynn of LiveWELLMomz